Gabby grew up in a small town in Maryland a majority of her life. She moved to Baltimore directly after high school. Shortly after, Gabby found yoga while she was making a shift in her lifestyle. Coming from an athletic background of competitive cheerleading her whole life, Gabby was initially drawn to yoga for physical reasons. Later she began to look into the holistic lifestyle and found a true passion for healing within through whole-foods, meditation, introspection, and the true teachings of yoga. 


Gabby completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Sid Yoga Center by Lindsay Lusignea + Sid McNairy in Towson, MD back in 2014. She has been teaching ever since! From teaching at numerous studios all around Baltimore, to teaching back in her hometown at a studio downtown, to crossfit gyms, different sports teams, bachelorette parties, corporate offices -  her passion is to share yoga and the powerful benefits from the practice to all she comes in contact with. Once she moved to Arizona in early 2018, she quickly found a program and received her certificate in teaching Yoga Sculpt at Corepower in Tempe, AZ. She is currently diving into another 225 hour training at One Tribe and can't wait to share all she has learned during this insightful journey under Kerri + Jason Zelich. 


On the mat:

Gabby loves the empowering tone of the practice while still feeling a sense of peace and ease in her body. As a teacher Gabby brings openness and acceptance to the class. 


While Gabby inspires and motivates her students to push past their comfort zone; she is all about an intuitive and meaningful practice. To Gabby, yoga is not about the perfect posture you can get your body into. She teaches to lead with your heart and to understand that each practice will be completely different than the last. 



I N  T H E  C L A S S R O O M : s i g n a t u r e  s t y l e s

Vinyasa Class:  Gabby's power vinyasa classes are typically heated, but not always! During this class you will find yourself in a flow that inspires you to push your edge. While still meeting your practice with compassion, your curiosity will set in and you will find yourself reaching new depths in your practice! Expect movement, sweat, a variety of postures and ample time to try new things. Gabby loves to do things she once thought was impossible and shares that same amount of curiosity in every class she teaches! Each class will end with a nice restorative practice to balance the body and mind out from all of the previous activity.

Slow Flow: This style is very similiar to the previous mentioned Vinyasa Class as this is a still a vinyasa style class! Only difference is you move a little slower through the flow which leads ample time to hold poses. This is still a workout as you challenge yourself to sink deep and let the magic and benefits of each pose land into your body. 

Specialty Workshops:

Gabby is always on her mat exploring and figuring out unique and beneficial ways to approach her practice. Keep a lookout for her educational and fun workshops! They can vary from educating about asana; transitioning, beginner, inversions, arm balances etc to off the mat tools; nutrition, chakras and yoga philosophy.