• Gabby Gallegos


Hello there Beautiful!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I have been very busy settling into my new home, town and getting grounded so I apologize for the delay in chakra posts. I like to do thorough research and reading before I rant about everything I learned about that particular chakra. Therefore, the next post about the sacral chakra will be published later this week :) But….. this post is dedicated to l o v e

Today and everyday: love yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish. Loving yourself actually makes life easier and more enjoyable for everyone else around you.

Take a moment, think about the things that bother you about people or the judgement we find ourselves making each day. Have you ever thought that judgement or negative thought about yourself? More often than not, the answer is yes. I found that when I let go of judging my image, “flaws”, thoughts and actions: I no longer notice such things in other people. What does an absence of judgement look like? love, acceptance, and compassion.

This past week, I have been working a lot on my chakras. I began with my root chakra, moved my way up to my sacral chakra and solar plexus, and here I am: the Anahata (heart) Chakra.

Through my journey of the chakras I have learned beautiful and profound life lessons. You know something that is similar about each lesson? They all lead to love. Whether it’s accepting yourself and certain situations, trusting yourself and divine timing, or simply living in the moment: ultimatley such ways of being are available when we let go, trust and love the moment for exactly what it is.

Life is not always going to go your way. We all have experienced moments of loneliness, sadness, depression, confusion and doubt. It’s what you learn in those moments that will lead you to clarity. Through the ups, downs, twists and curves how did you grow? What did you learn? When we take the “victim mentality” out of the equation we learn that it all happened (and happens) for a reason.

You needed to go through that exact situation to learn that particular lesson. The lesson is always there: it’s up to you to become aware of it and learn it.

This morning I had a pretty big realization. For a few years now I have experienced an intense amount of self-doubt. This doubt I had in myself led me to believe I was not good enough. How did that reflect in my outer world? No one and nothing seemed to be good enough. Rather than sending love to people I have immense love for, I was seeing them with my, more or less, "hater shades" on. How did I bring awareness to this cycle? By gently and compassionatly going back.

This realization has been made many times before. Why is this one different? Because, as mentioned above, this time I gently and compassionatly brought this cycle to my awareness. Before, I would judge myself for not being “perfect”. Now, I look back and smile. Embracing more compassion and love brings a lightness to my soul that I want to have forever.

Remember, t’s okay to go back and reflect. Rather than looking back and judging; go back and learn. Get to know yourself a little better and give yourself a break. In each and every moment know that you did your absoulte best!

You did not come here to forget about yourself or to put yourself on the back burner. You came here to be yourself and to have as much fun as possible! So today- love your family and friends, love your partner, love your life, and always love yourself! <3

Love and Light,

Gabrielle Gallegos