Are private sessions for you?

*we can do this all virtually!*

- If you are new to yoga, a private session is a great way to learn about what will happen in class.

- They are a great way to go if you have injuries or physical needs.

- With a private session we can create a personalized practice to help you reach a goal.

- Some people have questions about poses and want to deepen their understanding of the practice.

Set up a private with Gabby by sending an email:



- Name

- Location (where are you? Gabby will work with you to find the best location to meet)

- Why are you setting up a private? (i.e. working on a specific posture such as inversions, looking to deepen your practice, getting back into shape etc.)


$75 for 60 minutes

SPECIAL: 5 sessions for $275 (save $15 a session!)*limited time offer*

Packages of 5 are offered at a lower rate.

Contact Gabby at to discuss.